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Spiderman said: With great power comes great responsibility and the same holds for  A startup founder, often have too much on their shoulders, a workload that is too heavy for them to bear ( unless you are spiderman)

And in such moments it becomes crucial to turn to someone for advice.

But the question is who?

We live in a digital age, with so many articles, vedios it often becomes difficult to decide who should you actually listen to.

Should you listen to the prople whome you know personally who seem to be the experts in their fields, should you turn to them?

Or should you finally listen to that annoying neighbour of yours who claims to know about everything?

What exactly to pick from this mountain of advice!?

Fret not, for we are here to help.

We are going to give you a quick guide, which might help you to pick your suitable advisor.

 we cannot help but acknowledge this one small thing, one should always be grateful for the help and advice that they are getting, and it is great that for the startup world that there too many people are trying to help rather than no one at all.

With the disclaimers out of the way,

Let’s begin!

Before we actually start with what to do, let’s already cover what not to do.

There are particularly two ways startup founders generally find advice, which would particularly

lead them in the wrong direction

  1. Advice shopping:

In this, you go to every person that you can think of and them narrow it down to one.

As we have mentioned before, too much wastage of time.

  1. The mean, median mode: in this, you take all the advice and then find a common ground for all of them, sort of like average advice.

However, while average might have saved your face from the blunder of marks that you did in twelfth grade it won’t work for your startup.

Startups do not operate on average anything, they operate on the best. 

Then what should you do?

Well let us tell you.

1. You have to pick a Rabi:

There is an old idiom ” too many hands spoil the broth” 

Same is the case with a startup, if you listen to too many people at once here are two ways that you are likely to mess up

  1. You would end up in confusion and put no advice to actual execution.
  2. No matter how socially “rude” it sounds, you are going to waste time listening to people.

the more the number of people, more the time you waste.

Your job as a founder is not to seek advice but to build a company 

2. A advisor that explains you the details but doesn’t spoon feed you.

You need someone who can give you more than a yes and no answer studies show that people who just stick to yes and no without further elaboration, are more likely to know nothing about the field in reality.

You need someone who can give you nuanced solutions, more than just a nod.

However while you look for that, you also don’t want someone who is too prescriptive.

If they start telling you how to run a startup, run at the first word.

Running a startup is your job, you want insights not a blueprint of the plan.

3. Someone who has seen the game multiple times.

If you turn to someone just because they have done well in their startup once, chances are that you won’t get the best advice.

Such a person might know what worked for them, they can give you inputs but not advice.

In often cases if you are struggling to find a good consultant for your startup, turning to a professional can do wonders to you.

We at startupshive make sure that are clients receive the best startup advice and ultimate satisfaction.

Struggling to find a good advisor?

We got your back, hit us up.

4. Find someone you get along with.

A person can give you the best if advice but if they are disrespectful towards your work, try to pull you down instead of supporting of if all your discussions end up in arguments, that’s your cue to look for someone else.

An amicable relation with you consultant/ advisor is always recommended how else will you have the faith to go to them with your problems?

Finally, always trust the advice and not the advisor.

Do not subscribe to some piece of information just because some bigshot entrepreneur gave it. Do your own research.

And with that we finish our quick guide.

Still have some queries, about who should you turn to?

Let us help you.

Contact us. 

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