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"I had an idea, but it turned out that the strategy behind it is the most crucial part."

“The Startupshive did wonders for me; the ongoing startup world is so competitive that each and everything needs to be planned carefully, keeping every aspect in mind. I had a startup idea, but I was facing difficulty in execution, and there are a lot of things that are to be taken care of like analysis of the business market, competitors’ strategy, etc. The Startupshive provided me with a comprehensive solution that turned out to be precise and apt.”

Vinay Arora - Founder, StyleOak

"The Startupshive helps in giving a unique idea about approaching expansion and enhancing the operations."

“I am glad to have connected with Startupshive. Their approach to minutely focusing is the best; it gives a lot of insights to move ahead with the expansion. A lot of things were becoming a hassle for me, but their way of explaining and forecasting precisely enabled me to see a clearer picture of my business. I wish to be connected for the long term with Startupshive.”

Rahul Rai Gupta - Founder, Detective Guru

"The Startupshive gives an excellent insight into the business.They provide with a broad and realistic perspective."

“I got great support from Startupshive, and I realized that I missed a lot of things to look on. They analyzed my business concept  and provided me tremendous financial forecasting. The people at Startupshive are very approachable and time-bound.”

Baskaran Samarjith - Co-Founder, Doorpin

"Its been a great journey so far with Startupshive . The services are too good. "

“The Startupshive provides a great comprehensive solution to all the problems, and their analysis is very well-formed. The team of Startupshive was available whenever I tried to reach them.”

Chetan Tendulkar - Co-Founder, Kalpavrushka

"Startupshive helped me in structuring my Business idea."

“The Startupshive gave me an overall idea of building or structuring the business  from scratch despite reading a lot on the internet, and I was not getting any clear idea about moving up in the stage of idea execution. The Startupshive team gave me a refined and detailed B-Plan structure, which helped me create excellent viability in the product.”

Abirami Santhosh - Founder, Yeloo

"The various benefits under one platform."

“The Startupshive gave me a game-changer plan, and they provided me a great platform to get all the services on one platform, and it saved my search effort. They guided me in detail throughout the process, which ultimately helped in getting a better understanding of my product’s market.”

Shubham Banginwar - Co-Founder, Kraken Automobile
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