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All great entrepreneurs, whether you ask Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg will tell you,  their stories of great success, all started with nothing but an idea.

However, here is the bitter truth that no one warns you with, ideas don’t pay and neither do they lead you to success.  In order to do so, one must acquire proper funding and investment. For any startup to kickstart investment is the fuel.

Have you heard of a vehicle running without fuel? We haven’t. 

But the question is How?  With startups in every nook and corner of the country, how do you pitch your ideas to your desired audience? And more importantly, how do you make them stop and listen?

Well, fret not! We are here to help! Cold Emailing is your boon in disguise. 

If you have been around the Startup world for quite some time, you must be acquainted with the term “Cold E-mail”. But in case you are new or even need some revision. We got you covered.

A cold email is emails that are sent without prior consent from or contact with the recipient. In many regards, a cold email is the same as a cold phone call – it’s just much less invasive. This means it’s almost unanimously favoured by both the sender and sendee.

Do not confuse Cold emails with Spam emails. Cold Emails are generated one for one, while spam, as we all know are Emails sent in bulk. 

 Now with that covered, how do you generate an email that does get read? 

Here are some tried and tested hacks to generating the most yielding cold emails.

  1. Make it short and crisp: Nobody wants to read long emails, it’s tiresome. Besides, all of us have a concentration span of a minute, unless you can fit all your information in that one minute, you end in the bin.

So make short concise mails, with appropriate information. You don’t need to write a jargon you just need to explain your idea in the most attractive manner that catches attention.

  1. Do not miss out on important details: Just because you have to make it short, does not mean you will miss out on important detailing. Remember your email is supposed to be considered but no vague.  

For better understanding follow this format:  

  • The Problem: where you explain the crisis your Startup is targeting 
  • The Solution: Here you talk about your idea in detail, but again remember to keep it concise
  • The market: the audience to which your idea caters.
  • If you have any cofounder if not are you well versed with coding yourself?
  • Controversial nature: is your idea co controversial? Would it lead to any opposition? If yes, how do you plan to handle that?
  1. Always use your company email id: When sending a cold email, using a company mail gives you the best shot at catching the reader’s eye.
  1. The Deck Dilemma: One of the most asked questions about cold emailing is whether to add a deck or not.

the answer, however, is the choice is yours. Adding a deck is important but not crucial, hence in times of need you can totally skip it. 

But if you are adding one, make sure it is in a frequently used format. You don’t want to think out of the box when it comes to deck formats, not does the Investor.

For finding a format just google any well know company say, Air Bnb or Oyo and search for their pitching decks.

Still confused, contact us!

  1. Keep your tracks open: How else are you planning to know if your email was read?
  1. Use simple language: We have said it once, we will say it again. You are looking for a to and fro conversation, not an English lecture. Keep the language amicable and understandable, nobody wants to fetch a dictionary while reading their emails. 

Now since we are done with what to do for a perfect cold email, let’s take you to what NOT to do.

The don’ts:

  1. No long emails: We are repeating this again and again because this is very important. A lengthy tiresome Email will lead you to nothing but the spam folder.
  2. Do not initiate the meeting in the first Email itself: No one likes the smell of desperation, not even Investors. The meeting is something to be initiated once a to and fro conversation is established. 
  1. Don’t get behind their lives with a followup: If you have your tracks open, you will get to know once your Email is read. Then one must wait, for there is just one word for multiple mails: Irritating. 
  1. Don’t skip your company information: now this one is a no brainer. What will investor follow up with they have no idea about your company in the first place?

 And that concludes the crash course in writing the most sought after cold emails bringing you one step closer to your desired investment.

What are you waiting for? Put these hacks to use today!

Still have queries? or cant make most out of your cold emails?

We are all ears! hit us up.

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