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*Disclaimer: we are not professionals and all these tips should be seen as coming from a place of welfare rather than professional help * 

Depression, a seven-letter world but the way it makes a person life go upside down is no joke. On some days it can make a possible easy task feel like a rock on your chest.

While there can be several factors that can make a person come in these slimy hands of depression, and one needs to be her qualified to talk about such sensitive topics founder depression is a whole new topic and today we are going to focus on that, a topic that often gets overlooked. 

So what is founder depression?

Whoever is a part of the startup world can probably vouch for the fact that running a startup is a very tedious task. 

Starting a company is hard, you feel like the entire weight if the world is on your shoulder. To add up to that, it’s a lonely job and people undermine you a lot of times. You have to turn a deaf year to some very nasty comments, some of which come from your closest people.

Naturally, a person is bound to feel overwhelmed in such a situation.

So what do you do? Especially since as a founder you are always on the move, cashing a check, preparing a pitch, bonding with one invested the list goes on…

As the business grows so do the responsibilities, from giving the salaries to employees to delivering the promises you made.

But in the process of setting up flourished business one must never leave behind their mental piece 

So in case you are going through tough times here are a few ways to go forward.

1. You are not alone:

A lot of times we judge our own selves, 

Maybe we lacked mental stability? Maybe we are not strong enough?

Maybe it’s me and not the stress?

Well to that, we would like to tell you, oh hell no.

Running a startup is a work of great dedication, you always have your hands full. 

But at the end of the day, you are human and are bound to feel emotions. Sadness, anger, frustration all of these are just emotions. And every entrepreneur has good through them at least once in their life. 

It’s okay, and it will pass. 

2. Never bottle things up:

Remember when you were a kid and even a broken toy was a subject if discussion with parents? Or when you were in your teens and spent hours discussing your crush’s text with your best friend?

and now when your worlds seem to be crumbling down you are afraid of telling the people most close to you?

What for? 

Talking with friends and family who are outside if the startup world could be a breath of fresh air. Try it .

3. Seek professional help:

At the end of the day depression is a serious issue and if you think you are 

Suffering please seek help.

Tgere is professionals whose job is to guide you through such tough times. All you need to do is book an appointment.

Lastly, anyways remember no matter how tough a phase, it’s a phase and shall pass very soon.

Success and failure at the end of the day, are just two sides of one coin and one must remember the coin always turns. 

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