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About us

The “Humans” behind the StartupsHive

The First Step

I have six years of experience, and I believe that the “First Step taken is half the journey completed”. The competition is always tight, and I believe that a proper team and assistance can provide a major boost. StartupsHive is born out of our contemplative struggles exclusively for your ideas to greet the day.

The Comrades

Here at StartupsHive, we are more of a family than a team that comes from different backgrounds with extraordinary skillsets; this puts more on the table to grab. We believe in learning and helping collaboratively because that’s how we grow together. We lay our prime focus on human interaction and get the benefits out of their industrious experiences.

The Founder

Gourav is the wizard behind this spell. He keeps digging deeper with his understanding of marketing and attempts to implement it for real. He is one rare guy who is always spontaneous when it comes to assisting and quick enough to dive to find solutions. With some excellent knowledge of bootstrapped companies who want to scale up and are seeking funding, he can be a relief to them. His peerless efforts and support towards the betterment of all members are more than appreciable.

Gourav is a perfectionist in making and tends to deliver his commitments on point. His sense of understanding of human relations is a boon for this company.

Mr. Gourav Choudhury


The core values that fill in the colors.


We focus on efficient working as the current situation demands more efficient functioning. With all the latest ideas popping all around, the dynamic environment keeps us on our toes to work extraordinarily to delve deeper and to engage better.


Passion is priceless and is the major driving force of all startups.

We are a bunch of passionate people who are inclined towards working together and brainstorming to grow your business idea. Our energy comes from passion and adrenaline rush of swimming in a fast wave of the Startup world.


With a team of experienced geeks, we bring reliability and consistency into the StartupsHive’s DNA. We acknowledge that consistency builds trust and confidence, so we keep working diligently in laying out the plan to make sure that you can enjoy your journey riding on the full throttle with no hiccups involved.

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